TT Mobil Technology Center


    Now we present you with TT Mobil's new technology base: the TT Mobil Technology Center! The continually developing operator and information technology teams of the TT Mobil Technology Center work side-by-side with the the TT Mobil technology group's work to present a highly-developed environment, where you will also discover improved service quality.

  • Technological Hardware

    1 basement floor has been completely reserved for technical teams. A 700 square meter IT Data Center and a 1,100 square meter Network Operating Hall has been established on this floor. In addition, an Observation Hall to track the 24 hour uninterrupted service of the network has been built on this floor..


    In order to be given the legal certification according to the “R&D Center” legal framework for the law 'Regarding Research and Development Activities Support' numbered 5746 and published on 31.07.2008 in the Official Gazette numbered 26953 for the R&D activities carried out by our R&D Central Management, an application was sent to the Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry , which was approved on 25 May 2010, and given a R&D Center certification.

  • Right now, 207 people work for our R&D Center, which also is equipped with a testing center. The 2nd basement floor has shared spaces open to all workers and designed for all needs: cafeteria, dining and meeting rooms, education halls, a pool for visitors from other buildings, offices, managerial offices, security, a hair-dresser, doctor, and psychologist rooms. The developed 3rd and 4th basement floors contain 140-vehicle parking and rooms containing the mechanical and electrical infrastructure for the building.

  • The complete system has been planned totally with back-up parts, so that no part be responsible for failure in the building's energy system. The whole infrastructure and systems use a total 18 million dollar budget. Effort was made to ensure a well-lit working environment in areas open to sunlight. The working area was designed with a 3.1 meter high well-lit working environment. The earthquake-resistant building was built by Sur Yapı, and received top marks from an Istanbul Technical University earthquake-resistance survey.