Corporate Value

  • Our Vision

    To be "the most admired and preferred" mobile communications company in Turkey.

  • Our Mission

    We are the mobile life partner of our customers, adding enjoyment and convenience to their lives with our innovative and happy employees.

  • We are close to our customers, delivering most appropriate solutions to their needs.
  • We share our decisions transparently.
  • We understand and respect differences.
  • We take decisions quickly and implement changes and improvements rapidly.
  • We aim to succeed under all conditions via striving with perseverance.
  • We lead the competition and shape the market through fresh, original solutions.
  • As the opinion and practice leader of the sector, we set the agenda for mobile telecommunications in Turkey
  • Our strength stems from our diversity, creativity and innovation.
  • We value feedback and self criticism, and create opportunities for development.
  • We behave as we are and avoid stereotypes and prejudices.
  • We share life with its joy and sorrow; we share responsibility with its success and challenge.
  • We invest to add value to our community and to the future generations.
  • We start each new day with enthusiasm.
  • We always think young and live dynamically.
  • We work with enjoyment and a sense of fun.
  • We value each other and believe in achieving together.
  • We work with all our energy and are proud and happy to overcome challenges.
  • We trust each other's knowledge and skills and work as a team.